Developer or designer?

Image by FreePik

Today I’ll be writing about differences between designers and developers in web industry. Of course, my opinion may be changed in near future, but that’s exactly the main reason I write this blog - to see if and how much I as a developer, designer and as a person grew throught time.

Who are web developers?

Web developers are people responsible for inner workings of a website. They are using variety of programming languages in their everyday workflow to develop something web designers created. They aren’t or at least don’t have to be artistic, but instead they enjoy logical, linear and technical thinking.

Who are web designers?

On the other hand, web designers are people who focus on look and feel of a website. They are responsible for design of the web applications. They are responsible for creating great user experience.

Web designers rely on their strong intuition, creativity and imagination, as well as their knowledge about colors, graphic design and information flow.

Am I designer or developer?

That’s the hardest question to answer, and I don’t really think I have correct answer on it. I like design, I like combining colors and shapes. I also finished graphic design school and got a lot of general knowledge about design over 4 years I spent there.

But, on the other hand, I don’t find designing in Photoshop or Sketch/Illustrator satisfying enough. I much prefer building my own ideas using code. I enjoy learning about web technologies, reading about React, learning JavaScript etc.


I know I’m definitely not a back end developer, but I’m not really sure am I front end developer or web designer.

Is front end designer a thing? Is it useful at all to be someone who want’s to design and create a web app/website? As I’m still inexperienced in this field, I really want to know answers to this kind of questions.