Hello, I’m Renato, 25 years old guy living in Croatia.

Front end development

I’ve been part of Web development world for about a year now and I love every day I spend my time learning about it. I like React the most. I just enjoy putting together different components and making an app out of them. It’s like playing Tetris or playing with Legos. In most of my projects I would be using sass if I can.


I like colors. I like gradients. Oh boy, I really like gradients. I <3 Dribbble. There is something special in hitting that perfect color combo while exploring them in Sketch. Oh and did I mention gradients?
I looooove gradients!


I’m a freelance graphic designer working for a few clients on a daily basis. Even though I enjoy working with them, my main goal is to get hired as a Front end developer or Graphic designer in a digital agency in a near future.

Goals for 2017

My wishes for this year are simple. I want to get hired as a web developer or designer so I can start hanging out with others I share interests with. I want to learn more, learn from others, become better developer and work on great and interesting projects.


Gaming is one of my biggest passions. I enjoy playing online games competing with other people. Games I enjoy the most are Counter Strike, Overwatch and Fifa.

Folow me and say Hello

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